Besides the classical radiological recording possibilities, such as a panoramic radiograph and intraoral radiographs the two practices also have a ConeBeam CT device.

This unit has 2 functions:

  • a 3D analysis can be made of a part of the jaw,  which appears on the screen after a few seconds and in which through the jaw and the teeth can be "navigated". These interactive images provide a much clearer diagnosis (up to 0,125 mm) than conventional X-ray images. Also, the radiation dose in this new technology is much more efficient, requiring only 6% of the radiation dose is administered in comparison with a 3D CT scanner in hospital settings. 

  • The second function is a very sharp panoramic shot, which can be send electronically to your dentist.

3D analysis of the jaw bone and the teeth have become indispensable in oral implantology. Every patient who is treated with implants, will be analyzed using these 3D images. Through planning software, the patients can also follow the treatment and discuss it with the surgeon.